Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wedding quickie

2 days before my niece got married, she came to the house with great expectation. Her reception dress was too simple and she wanted to add a longer train at the back pf the dress. Hmm... Me who never work on silky/satiny material or lace got worried. Big time.

In the first place the dress was inspired by Hana Tajima's wedding dress, and i think the simplicity of the design took into consideration of its striking color; quartz purple and where it was worn... The registry office.

She proposed to attach the train underneath the empire-waist band that requires unpicking stiches... A lot of stiches. As i proceeded to measure and cut the length of the lacy sari to make the train, i envisioned making mistakes and bad workmanship which would ruin the dress in the process... Horror. Me definitely don't likey. 

I was very apprehensive about altering the dress and came up with a simple solution. I totally had a light-bulb moment. Haha... What if the train is not attached to the dress at all... So that she could still wear the dress on other occasions? As a separate garment, the train work like an apron; a backward apron... I also attached fabric strings instead of hooks and eyes so that she could tie them snugly. To make it more festive we decided to use a brooch over it. So within 3 hour the apron-train was completed and the bride was happy.

It was such a simple sewing process yet nerve wrecking moments for me that i forget to take picture of it. It was also sweet and heart warming to be part of her memories as she enters adulthood. Here she was ready to go out and receive the groom...

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